• Get Your M2 With Friends!

    Join with friends and learn together as you embark on your journey as a rider. We offer discounts for groups of 4 or more people booked into the same Riding Basics M2 course.
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  • New M2 Price Cut Locations - $395 + TAX

    Starting this riding season, some of our locations will be offering a $25 discount for the M2 course. The Price Cut locations include Bowmanville, Orillia, Ottawa, St. Catharines and our newest location, Shannonville. Sign up today! *Offer applicable only to new registrations.
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  • New M2 Location in 2015

    Rider Training Institute is pleased to announce the newest location for the M2 Riding Basics course in Shannonville. Courses begin at the site starting April 18th. Sign up today!
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  • 4 Reasons to Take an M Course

    Is it time for you to upgrade to your full M license? Here are 4 great reasons why the Riding Strategies course is perfect for you! www.ridertraining.ca/M2X
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Rider Training Institute provides comprehensive motorcycle licensing and skills development training programs throughout locations across Ontario.